Documentary Advocacy Projects & Resources


Moving Docs and European Documentary Network (EDN) bring the world of documentary filmmaking to you. Docsociety aims to connect documentary films with audiences globally. The site has plenty of information on documentary production, impact producing and the people that run it are very well connected in the international documentary filmmaking scene. 


The Bertha Foundation supports documentary filmmakers with advise and funding. The Fledgling Fund offers funding to outreach and social issue filmmakers. They run the engagement lab to help filmmakers maximise social impact of their film. Look at their case studies to find out how documentary filmmakers make films with an impact. The International Documentary Association (IDA) is dedicated to supporting a thriving documentary culture and offers advice on funding and production. The International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) organises the largest international documentary film festival, funding and production workshops every year. 

Distribution and Festivals:

SIMA is a non profit organisation that gets your film on the screen. Well connected, they also have a great filmmakers resource guide on production and funding. Watch documentaries that seek social change for free at Films for Action. The site offers a curated selection of documentaries categorised into topics like activism, social issues, human rights or the environment. They also list films per country and city to make sure content is connected locally and globally. 


Wondering about how to write a documentary proposal? The Sundance guide is a good start. It covers all essential areas for your proposal. Download here and amend it according to your needs.

Your documentary needs an Impact Campaign? The Impact Field Guide by Docsociety will guide you through the campaign step by step.

Want to see case studies for impact docs? Check out the Bertha Foundations case study archive