We produce short fiction- and non-fiction projects to learn more about the world that we live in and our place in it. We take this knowledge as filmmakers to our audience and as teachers into the classroom.

You can contact us via fritz@film-and-television.com

Not the usual travel video about the Philippines (2022)

This is how I feel when visiting the Philippines, the most beautiful and horrifying place I know. This is my a poetic exploration into the Philippines from the perspective of a teacher, covering the Marcoses, land-grabbing, colonialism, zipping across the jungle, a shooting range, mud racing, cockfighting, tribal & nature reserve visit, dog blessing in a Manila mall and Karaoke.

I wanted a subjective exploration of reality in this poetic documentary because I think that reality has no meaning without a personal interpretation. Objectivity is an illusion and a tool to avoid a deeper experience of reality.

Brexit Field Trip (2022)

In 2022 I went back to the UK to make a TV show with my students. The first time since Brexit. This is my short documentary about our ‘Brexit Field Trip’. What is it like to go to the UK now? Find out here:

Guirilandia (2021)

An alien assimilates in Spain during the pandemic. This short film explores how a ‘Guiri’, a tourist or foreigner living in Spain, experiences the summer of 2021. In this film I wanted to explore a narrative that is driven by the sound scape and pacing rather than the spoken word.

Escape Velocity (2020)

This is an experimental film exploring the voidness of reality. Escape Velocity invites the viewer to enter a trance like state. Framing directs the gaze towards the centre of the corridor, until the repetitive and illusionary nature of reality is revealed. In this piece I wanted to play with the way soundscapes can induce a state of trance.

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